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About Your Consultation

Your initial consultation is an important time for you to meet your cosmetic dentist, learn about the procedures you are thinking about, and decide if we are the right practice to perform your procedure. You can even schedule your consultation online.

Dr. Kun understands that you may be unfamiliar with cosmetic dentistry and its procedures. During your initial consultation, Dr. Kun will take the time to really listen to you, examine your dental history, and take into account various other factors such as your complexion, hair and eye color, and facial appearance. He will then be able to determine which cosmetic dentistry procedure will best fulfill your desires and create your very own, personal dental plan.

You will get:

  • An initial evaluation by Dr. Kun and a complete personal dental plan
  • To view sample before and after photos of similar cases
  • Details, including timeframe, about your treatment
  • A firm cost, along with affordable payment options

An initial consultation is the first step to determine your needs and options. Take your first step to improve your smile and confidence. Schedule your initial consultation online!

Book Your Consultation Online

Please anticipate approximately 45 minutes for your initial consultation. We look forward to seeing you.

For your convenience, we will call you to confirm your consultation and also send you a courtesy reminder.