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Metal Free Fillings

Replacing Metal Crowns for Teeth - Whitehall Dentist Dr. Michael KunIn the past, having a cavity meant that you had to fill it with an unsightly metal filling. Today, cosmetic dentistry has developed metal-free fillings that can perfectly match the color of your tooth providing you with an effective, unnoticeable restoration.

Fillings are used to fill the space in a tooth created by a cavity. If you suspect that you have a cavity – pain when eating or when a tooth is exposed to cold – it is important that you see an experienced cosmetic dentist as soon as possible.

A cavity that is left untreated can cause additional, more serious dental problems. Decay can continue to the point that a dental crown is needed, or even so far as to cause you to lose the tooth.

Metal free fillings can be used any time a metal filling is used, and they can be used to replace older metal fillings, providing you with an aesthetically pleasing restoration.

Metal-free fillings also have other advantages, they require less of the natural tooth material to be removed when they are placed, and they don’t conduct hot and cold temperatures as much as metal fillings, preventing tooth sensitivity.

The days of noticeable metal fillings are gone. Cosmetic dentistry has advanced to the point where fillings can now be matched to the color of your teeth and thus be virtually invisible.

If you have a cavity or older metal filling that you would like to repair or replace with a metal-free filling, contact Dr. Kun in Whitehall, Pennsylvania to schedule your initial consultation.