General Dentistry

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The field of general dentistry has made great advances in recent years, so that now dental procedures are faster, safer, quieter, and virtually pain-free. Modern technology gives each dentist improved tools and techniques that work to your advantage in making dentistry a far more comfortable experience than it was for our grandparents.

When you have good dental health, you are in the best position for achieving a beautiful smile. Since Dr. Kun is highly-qualified in both general and cosmetic dentistry, he can correct all types of dental problems, both general and cosmetic. That gives you the benefit of coordinated dental care, with health and beauty addressed in light of each other.

Keeping Your Good Dental Health

The foundation of ongoing dental health is good dental hygiene. That requires brushing at least once a day, or preferably after each meal, and also flossing each day. Brushing cleans the front and back tooth surfaces and flossing cleans the side surfaces where decay most often begins.

We urge you to also come for regular check-ups so that Dr. Kun can catch problems early. A small problem is always easier to correct than a large one and it will possibly save you pain and expense later on. Your dental health is also directly related to your overall health, further highlighting the importance of general dentistry.

General Dentistry Done With a Difference

Since Dr. Kun has extensive training in cosmetic dentistry, he will have your smile’s attractiveness in mind as he performs your general dentistry procedures such as tooth crowns or dental bridges. If you have any metal fillings, you could have them replaced with natural-looking white fillings matched to your natural tooth color.

Dr. Kun also has advanced training in neuromuscular dentistry. Again, that gives you an extra benefit in your general dentistry because if your bite is misaligned, Dr. Kun will be able to pinpoint why. He will then be able to perform your general dentistry work so as to help correct your bite. Dr. Kun is a Fellow of the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies (LVI). He is also a Fellow of the International Academy for Dental Facial Aesthetics. With such extensive training and experience, you are definitely in good hands with Dr. Kun.

You could also choose to have a full bite analysis and a treatment plan for restoring correct alignment in your jaw joints and lower jaw movement. Please see our page on TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome) for more information. TMJ symptoms are diverse and you could have this condition without knowing it.

Relaxation Dentistry

Do you tend to feel apprehensive at the idea of visiting a dentist? If so, please know that we understand that. There can be many reasons for it and we offer relaxation dentistry to help you feel calm and confident about having your dental work done.

Dr. Kun places a high priority on patient education and will always be happy to answer questions or explain how a procedure might benefit you. We offer assistance with financing and will help you with insurance coverage, designing a custom plan to fit your budget comfortably.

Please contact us today if you would like an initial consultation with Dr. Kun. Our office serves the residents of Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania and we hope to work with you soon. The office of Michael G. Kun, DMD has won “Best of the Valley” by Lehigh Valley magazine for the last six consecutive years and has also been named “Who’s Who” through Lehigh Valley Style, a daily lifestyle magazine that features the best of the best in and around the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania.