Denture Fountain of Youth Questions®

What is the Denture Fountain of Youth®?

These dentures, known as FOY (Fountain of Youth) Dentures® are made to restore youthful facial dimensions and a properly functioning bite. They are similar to other dentures, but they are designed to be very precisely customized to you. Designed using neuromuscular dentistry, these dentures provide a comfortable and secure fit.

What are the benefits of FOY Dentures®?

Some of the main benefits of these dentures include:

  • Prevent collapsed facial appearance
  • May create fuller cheeks and a more defined facial profile
  • Let you eat and chew comfortably, without your dentures slipping
  • Enable your facial muscles, teeth, nerves and ligaments to work efficiently together

In general, FOY Dentures® are dentures that are highly functional, but also highly beneficial to the appearance of your face and smile.

Am I a candidate for FOY Dentures®?

If you are missing teeth, you are probably a candidate for FOY Dentures®. During a consultation with Dr. Michael Kun, you can discuss what you expect from dentures – including performance, comfort and cost – and Dr. Kun can help you decide whether these dentures or another tooth replacement option may be right for you.

What is neuromuscular dentistry?

Neuromuscular dentistry approaches oral health with consideration for how the teeth, gums, jawbone, and nerves, joints and ligaments of your face all work together as part of oral function and dental wellness. Neuromuscular dentistry also focuses on how your bite – the way your upper and lower teeth come together – affects these facial and oral structures.

What does neuromuscular dentistry have to do with FOY Dentures®?

FOY Dentures® are designed to achieve your ideal bite position, which will enable the muscles of your face to perform optimally. Your jaw muscles will not be strained or exerted by your bite, preventing facial discomfort and TMJ symptoms.

How do I choose a dentist for FOY Dentures®?

Because this type of denture is not offered by every dentist, you should choose a neuromuscular dentist who has experience designing FOY Dentures® and understands the neuromuscular relationship between the various components of your mouth and face.

To learn more about FOY Dentures® for people living in Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton and Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, please contact Michael E. Kun, DMD, Advanced Esthetic & Neuromuscular Dentist to schedule a consultation.